Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Corset Mag Editor speaks on Black Oral Truth

Arielle Loren is the Editor-in-Chief of Corset Magazine and as I member of the homie Evita's Nomadness Tribe you know down to shine light. Here are a few bits from a recent interview with "Beyond Black & White" on the recently released issue.

 Why is it so hard for black women to embrace oral sex?

I actually think that many black women do embrace oral sex, but simply don’t discuss it in public. The black female writers in our magazine are the exception, and don’t mind sharing their stories on a public platform. However, it’s rare that I come across a black woman in private that says she doesn’t participate in fellatio or receiving cunnilingus. On the basic level, oral sex is a powerful part of foreplay, getting your partner open, and creating an arousing physical connection. It’s also great for stimulating momentum during intercourse to keep you and your partners’ genitals lubricated, receptive, and attentive.

 Up until recent history, oral was something that only white women did. Why was that?

  In our Oral Pleasure issue, we have an article called “Swallow Your Prude: The History of Oral Sex,” which actually reveals the exact opposite. When it comes to sex, people of color or African descent have been engaging in oral sex for centuries. If you look at art inspired by the Indian Kama Sutra or ancient Egypt, there are countless visual depictions us openly enjoying oral sex. The stereotype is that black women don’t enjoy giving oral sex to their male partners, and that it is a “white woman” thing to do. But again, it’s rare that I come across a black woman that says she doesn’t participate in performing fellatio. I’ve even had conversations with women in their 70s about this topic, and they’ve affirmed that they’ve gotten down too in their day. Some might prefer receiving versus giving, but black women orally pleasuring their male partners is not a recent thing. We just might be more open to discussing it in public now.

**Full Interview Here**


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