Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Tale of Simpin' at it's finest.

Came across this online....

My boy's girl asked him if her ex can stay w/ them til he gets on his feet

Ol' boy just got out of jail and has no place to stay.

Him and my boy's girl been keepin' in contact. My boy knew of this and had no problem w/ it. They write each other and he calls collect to chat w/ her.

My niqqua agreed to let him sleep in the guest room for however long it takes for him to get back on his feet.

He was in jail for drugs(got caught on I-70 outside st. louis w/ 5 bricks in the trunk).

There ain't no way in hell I'd let that sh1t go down. Matter fact, she wouldn't have been writin' OR talkin' to that niqqua.

This is gonna end so bad.

They live in a $400,000 crib that's in HER name. I already see where this is goin'. My boy's gonna have to find another place to stay because his days are numbered there. Her and that jailbird niqqua didn't end on bad terms. He agreed that she could see other niqquaz and didn't have to wait on him. My niqqua was basically just a replacement til dude came home.

I wish one of my boys WOULD play themselves like this.

After the jump I included a pic of the female in question.


Frankie said...

I thought she was gonna be super hot lol
He can't really tell her who to contact or whatever cuz it's HER crib. He could ask her to show him some respect and if she chooses not to, he could just leave her. He let her disrespect him so now he's fucked out of a place to live. tough break

Nik said...

WoW! Dude actually said it was okay with him if jaildude stayed there? WTF kind of ****ery is that?! He brought it on himself. Damn fool.

SinfulLyo said...

nice boobies! what's her profession? as for the situation :/ her bf is either REALLY dumb or REALLY secure but either way jailbird moving in sounds like a bad idea. fresh out of prison with familiar pussy one room over? hmm...

NightFall914 said...

It's just interesting to see what love/lust will make a person tolerate.

Goddess Intellect said...

we're missing one piece of the puzzle here......
The female in question (regardless of her looks) likes to "keep men" who are not completely men.
She really yields no power here regardless of what you see on the surface ($$, home ownership etc)
You dont know what the boyfriend is up to...who's really being played here?

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