Thursday, April 29, 2010

Childhood Dream Realized!!!....SUPER MARIO BROS. CROSSOVER!!!!!!!!!!!

As I kid there were things I always thought about and hoped for. Being able to switch up zideo game characters was always one of them. Send Link after Dr Willy or have the Contra guys spray bullets at Koopa Troopers. Well it would seem that my 20 yr old day dream has finally come to reality.....

So here it is. At the beginning of every stage, you can choose to play as Samus Aran from "Metroid," Link from "The Legend of Zelda," Mega Man, Simon Belmont from "Castlevania", Bill Rizer from "Contra," and, of course, Mario.

Each character works exactly like they do in their own respective games. Link has his sword and boomerang, Simon throws axes(no whip :( ), Bill has a machinegun, and so on--and as an added bonus, each one comes with their own background music.

Play It Here and Reclaim your Youth!!!


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