Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The New Official Woman of Hump Day

So let's review. We've had Hump Day represented by the lovely and talented Alicia Keys(Damn you Swizzy) and the sizzling Summer Walker(damn you Dj Drama).So now I feel it's time to crown a new female reprentative of Grand Humpington!!!

Ladies and Gentle Man allow me to introduce Tiara Harris! She is one of the most unique combinations of beauty, intelligence and overall laid back, smooth style I've ever encountered. Now truth be told until recently she was no more then "fine ass female" I had seen regular on various online forum sites. Then it came to my attention that the devious homie Lauryn was cool with her. Not industry cool but real life cool. Then as the fates would have it Goddess will have her on tomorrow's edition of Menage a' Talk. In fact we all ended but bugging out on Tiara's Blogtv station.

So with all that said shes fine and cool with some interesting views of life, love,sex, etc.....

So after the jump peep her Pix and the link to her blogtv site.

Tiara4ever- Broadcast your self LIVE


Goddess Intellect said...

Yup, iSupport this lol

L Raquel said...

I'm so randomly connected, it makes no sense sometimes lol

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