Monday, May 17, 2010


DJ Carl Blaze was a great guy to many people. I can't even say I knew him but in limited encounters and passings at Sues he was cool and humble. Deserving much better then the fate that claimed his life in 2006. God willing this case is about to be solved to give the family and friends a degree of closure.

Hit the jump for the NY Post details.

The accused gunman charged in a brutal Bronx kidnapping and execution-style murder last month has been identified as a possible suspect in the slaying of one of the city's most popular hip-hop deejays four years ago, The Post has learned.

Zarnoff Taylor, 23, who is accused of shooting two men -- one fatally -- and dumping their bodies on a Bronx street, surfaced as a suspected shooter in the slaying of DJ Blaze after being nabbed in a recent roundup of violent drug-gang members and motorcycle thieves in Washington Heights.

Taylor is allegedly part of a gang known for operating along a 10-block stretch of Vermilyea Avenue in Manhattan's Inwood section -- the same area where Blaze was killed on Dec. 7, 2006.

Blaze -- whose real name was Carlos Rivera -- went by the name Carl Blaze while working for Power 105.1 FM. He was shot 13 times when he stopped in his old neighborhood to visit friends after spinning records in the X-Bar in The Bronx earlier in the night.

When his body was found, his large, $20,000, gold- and diamond-studded chain with the letters "CB" was missing.

Cops believe Blaze was set up by someone who knew he'd be in the neighborhood and sporting pricey jewelry.


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