Monday, May 10, 2010

Nerd Moment: Deadpool and More Confirmed For 'Marvel vs. Capcom 3'

I more then a decade removed from the days of my Arcade dominance, CAPCOM continues it's reign as the champion producer of theme street fighting games. The mega successful Marvel vs Capcom is preparing fot the 3td installment and CAPCOM is going all out.

Only a handful of characters have been confirmed, namely Captain America, Deadpool, Dante ("Devil May Cry") and Felicia ("Darkstalkers") as playable characters.

As interesting as these reveals may be, what really caught our attention is the rumor that Capcom is servicing Deadpool with a particularly awesome move, according to Josh Richardson on Twitter.

If this is true then it's truly the type of off the wall anarchy that is signature of the Merc' with a Mouth.


Bombchell said...

oh my I remember playing this as a kid. Thanks to this game I know what a succubus is lmao

NightFall914 said...

LOL. Learn something new everyday.

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