Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mood Music for the Ladies

It's Father's Day but here's something for the woman so hit the jump. :)

1. Love King
2. Make Up Bag feat. T.I.
3. F.I.L.A.
4. Sex Intelligent
5. Sex Intelligent Remix
6. Yamaha
7. Nikki Part 2
8. Abyss
9. Panties To The Side
10. Turnt Out
11. February Love
12. Florida University
13. Veteran
14. Priceless
15. Take Care Of Me
16. All Black Everything
17. Sorry

Download Here


evierobbie. said...

My boyfriend loves Dream. Like obsessed. He's an R&B head for real. "Purple Kisses" is his fav.

Nik said...

You've been supplying me with good music lately. Thanks :)

SinfulLyo said...

evie's BF is a smart man. the dream makes great albums. purple kisses & luv songs are my shitS. anyway, thanks for this. you made my day!

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