Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Truth of "Urban" Modeling????

The following was an extended statement made on another board about Urban modeling. And having seen the strip side of the game plus the people I've personally known that have tried to get into the game a lot of his points are valid. Even today I tell those that ask me for help. "Aim for art not just ass."

Blame this chick(Main Post Image)

When you saw that, and people like Buffy the Body being put on a pedestal and lauded, that's when you knew it was a fucking race to the bottom.

Now where are we - World Star Hip Hop Bunnies are considered the echelon of Urban Modeling.

And when did we start calling it "urban modeling?" Would you call Chanel Iman an Urban Model? Tyra? What's the criteria to be an urban model?

Or is it "urban modeling" is the code word for any black chick with a fat ass, wide hips, and thick thighs who doesn't have the typical European modeling standard body type?

But why hold any illusion that "urban models" aren't strippers and escorts anyway? I guarantee you 50% of them were before they got into urban modeling game. And if they weren't, the other 25% of the remaining 50% were groupies and club rats putting out to get put on. And then many, they take their urban modeling fame and go what - go become the featured dancer in a video shaking their ass and tits.

"Urban Models" are a different breed. They're not like models in the typical sense. They're not modeling clothes, or being the face of a make-up brand, or shoes , no, they're modeling their FAT ASSES, THICK THIGHS, BIG BREAST, and WIDE HIPS. They want to be noted for having the rounded this - the biggest that - the prettiest those.

It's PG-13 porn, so why suddenly the "oh no, we've gone to far - we need to clean it up" stance. Like I said, we were headed to the bottom anyway... so don't fight gravity, just enjoy the ride down my man.

Funny how Jet magazine successfully ran its Beauty of the Week page for 40+ years and never had a problem with advertisers or keeping things acceptable.

Urban modeling has managed to create its own cancerous demise in about 10.

So let it implode on itself like a dying star in a glorious blackhole sucking in all the trash and putrid shit that spawned from it when it shined brightly just before going nova.

Then we can start anew and fresh, and do it the right way.

Here's another link speaking on the need to improve the modeling game for those focused on it from an "urban" perspective.


Goddess Intellect said...

This is one of those things that has slipped thru everybody's fingers...urban modelling, this is the first I'm hearing the term and I hate it.
I mean its great that women who have full-bodied wine figures are being given a chance to have some shine but these ladies arent even being given a shot at legit campaigns, maybe if that part of the game could change then I wouldnt feel so irate about the whole urban modelling term.

Meka Monroe said...

Thank you SO much for this post!!! I can't stand this "urban" model phenomenom...it's ridiculous. Like you mentioned...what are they "modeling" here??? Basically, these chicks are selling ass...nothing more, nothing less.

I don't understand how these chicks can take pride in the 'accomplishment' of showing their bare-naked body to the masses. Then they get mad when they're seen as nothing more than sex objects. I recently read an article featuring Dollicia Bryan and she mentioned some realtalk from Kanye West.

'Ye flat-out told her, when he looks at her he wasn't trying to engage in any sort of conversion or get to know her...he wanted some ass. Chick talked about how it's difficult to find a man that geniunely wants to date her and not just f*ck.

These girls are selling their souls...but don't even realize it. That's pretty sad...

NightFall914 said...

As I tell my people. You need a well round plan of attack that goes beyond your curves.

khaki la'docker said...

urban models :sigh: = buttafaces with a 10 pixel camera selling lingerie on plastic hangers. I blame Myspace, Facebook and that damn LIKE button on Facebook.

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