Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebs Plan to "Sign Off" for you pay to get them Back.

Even though the end cause is positive, there is an ugly undertone here. Basically these celebs are saying "We know that following us is SO important to you so we're going to make you pay to get us back online" 
Check out the details here and tell me what you think.

More Info here including Kim Kardashians "Dead" Promo Image. I'm sao not feeling this.


Goddess Intellect said...

Had problems accessing the article, but I think this is negative reinforcement...if you really want peeps to buy into your cause its gotta be thru positive reinforcement.
I think there was a competition last year to see which celeb could gather the most followers...the one who did, donated to charity...that was positive...Twitter won, the celeb won (was it Ashton? I forget) and the charity won. Here these celebs sound a tad childish....ahhh well if it works it works...but I'm put off

Nik said...

I'm not feeling the whole Kim K in a coffin picture. So distasteful! I wouldn't pay a dime to get them back on twitter.

If each of their celeb friends donated money, they'd raise more than enough for this cause. Kim's shoes and luggage alone could pay for this whole cause. Alicia has more than enough she can donate also. They need to go sit down somewhere.

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