Monday, December 27, 2010

iSupport: Dave Raps: New Age NY Sound

So last week I received an email regarding a request for a musical artist by the name of Dave Raps. Now I'll be honest in that I really don't reviews as I super critical in my tastes. Maybe its my NY 90's era up bringing but my ear is sensitive to a lot especially as the game has gotten so commercialized. But let me get back on topic. It was brought to my attention that Dave Raps hails Yonkers. So there was no way I would turn down a follow 914 resident.

So I Dave's manager & Producer Vee sent his most recent mixtape for review. 

I downloaded it and can admit to being more then pleasantly surprised Too Unknown was the perfect thing to introduce me to this artist. Over a collection of highly popular and familiar tracks, Dave Raps shows off his versatile flow with a laid back calm and confidence you don't get from too many newer artists. Many rappers honestly try too hard but that's not the case here. There's no over the top street tales and stuntin' about million dollar vehicles. Dave puts it best on the opening line of "Y.O" an ode to his home of Yonkers....

Y.O home of the LOX,
But not a gangsta rapper never holdin' them glocks,
Just a cool kid with some cool friends,
We all dream what you mean I wanna' new Benz...

He openly spits a laid back almost southern style that makes me think more of the images painted by Outkast or B.O.B then the concrete jungle depicted by Styles, Jada Kiss and Sheek. He has the bars without trying to make scared to make him in person. He rides almost flawlessly over the tracks for "Runaway" and even Willow Smith's "Whip my Hair". I can say with 100% honesty that this guy has my attention. I check for of his work and as I'm writing this I"m listening to Dave Raps' other Mixtape Yes I Do which is a collection of original work and I'm liking what I hear.

Hit the Jump for the download link and a few Vids from Dave Raps. Keep your ears open for this artist.

1) Heartbeats (prod. by Vee Nyce)
2) Wait Till’ I Go In
3) Snow (prod. by Johnny Juliano)
4) Tonight It’s Goin’ Down (prod. by Vee Nyce)
5) The Ivy Leagure (Bop) Ft. J-Bry (prod. by Vee Nyce)
6) Sounds So Good (prod. by Vee Nyce)
7) How I’m Supposed To (prod. by Vee Nyce)
8) Interlude (prod. by Vee Nyce)
9) Pop Bottles (ft. Rio) (prod. by Vee Nyce)
10) Rice (prod. by Johnny Juliano)
11) Baggage Claim
12) Can’t Remember It All (prod. by Vee Nyce)
13) Check Please (prod. by Vee Nyce)


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