Tuesday, December 7, 2010

iSupport: TTI Social Fundraiser

iSupport is full effect. As I was preparing the initial iSupport post I was contacted by Ms L. Brake to be in attendance for the 1st Take The Initiative Fundraiser. Aiming to bring greater awareness of HIV/AIDS to the Youth of Gotham I'll be sure to be come through and make my presence felt for the cause.

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Your Host: TTI Marketing

Take the Initiative:

1.) A grassroots organization comprised of public health professionals, Master’s level students, university graduates, and community organizers dedicated to ending the disproportionate prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS among residents of New York City, particularly the adolescent population.

2.) A social movement and testing initiative to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS amongst youth in Brooklyn via word of mouth, the web, and community education and support networks.

3.) A one-day testing and counseling event in Brooklyn (location TBD) April 2011. The event will also feature food and beverages, community partners, entertainment (performers to be announced at a later date) and holistic healthcare workshops (Reiki, yoga, art therapy, massage, etc.). The all-day affair is open to the public and specifically aimed for youth to understand the impact of HIV/AIDS and to empower themselves to prevent infection.


***You are more than welcome to invite a guest, (or two, or three!) because rather than excluding outsiders, our goal is to reach out to everyone willing to lend support. We would appreciate you including the number of people in your party when you RSVP so we can anticipate the actual headcount. You are also welcome to forward the invite to friends via this site or the social media network of your choice so they are able to RSVP themselves.


***We are encouraging a small cash donation from all attendees at the event so please break into your piggy banks!! Remember, you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette :]

What: TTI: Social Fundraiser
Where: Haven
244 East 51st St.
New York, NY 10022
When: December 11th, 2010, 7pm - 10pm
Links: Haven (venue)
Photography will be provided by: Matthew Schiels


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