Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rest in Peace Dj Megatron

Woke up to my BB going off with Texts, FB alerts and before I could even focus my sight fully I was hit with news that Mega had been killed during the night. Theories of a robbery attempt were in the news coverage....Mega was not a dude in the streets like that to make a gun homicide even seem realistic. I can only pray for his family and that some form of justice comes to this situation.

I remember my team grinding hitting the clubs. The hosting gigs we got w/ Mega. The connects he shared with us. The hustles we brought to the table. Doing many things as kids that people are now doing and we had become bored with. To see him continue and get his shine w/ Hot 97 and BET on 106 & Park was great.

This shouldn't have happened. The Anger is kicking many of us HATE to see other prosper and advance. You don't wish this on anybody BUT we all know folk that live that life who deal in things like this. That wasn't Mega.

It never makes sense....


Kream said...

This just hurts. Senseless. WE love you Mega. Thank you for the personal piece Nightfall. We lost a great one. RIP MEGATRON.

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