Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe u previously expressed distaste for women who curse. It seems as if u thought them unladylike. How is a woman cursing less ladylike than the women u "isupport" who are naked & spread eagle on blogs?

Your speaking in generalized terms. I need specifics. Who do I support that you're referencing? How you speak and imagery you create are two different things to me. I've spoken on language in terms of how its expressed, when, etc...... I've spoken on different types of imagery tasteful vs pure explicit. Each has their place. Whats more likely? To know a person that curses too much or a person in the business of getting naked? It's always a matter of situation. In the end I've said I wouldn't "wife" a pornstar, stripper, etc just as much as I couldnt be with someone with a filthy mouth.

This is a good question. If you give specific examples I can better explain.

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