Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's That No Good Steve Harvey Again!!!!

Many things in this world are not reliable. Some friends, weather forecasting, competent action in the government, on and on the list can go. As an avid people watcher nothing goes off like clock work like the Negro self assassination via the Internets before, during & after a BET Awards show. As the sun must raise so too will the digital peanut gallery be heard weighing in on the celebrity gathering. What catches may eye and got me thinking was the award for Humanitarian work given to Steve Harvey. Steve is no stranger to the BLVD. His Best Selling Book and personal relationship have been touched on here before, so when the time came I knew the usual anti-Steve rhetoric that to expect. 

 A statement I saw a few times on a few sites surprised me. Steve is no humanitarian. How is this so? Do his relationship issues, the most recent ones exposed as a fraud, over shadow his good deeds for fatherless black youth? I decided to take this thought to the Internets to see what folk were thinking. Within a private group on FB I asked a simply question. “What did you think of Steve Harvey winning his award at the BET Awards” Most of the initial comments were related to Steve’s book and how the success of that project doesn’t equal great humanitarian work. I then mentioned that the award was based more off the other things he’s done including his foundation. Once people looked into what it was about then the compliments flowed. 
having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.

a person actively engaged in promoting human  welfare and social reforms, as a philanthropist.
So that is the way that we handle famous folk. We hear the scandal, live for the drama but the info that we should be paying attention to we seem to miss. The times I’ve listened to Steve Harvey he never hesitates to admit he’s flawed and take no personal credit for the positive things he’s been blessed with. So I can never really get what true issues people have with him. Or to put it better what possible problem could you have with his deeds? Why do we hold celebs to standards many of us don't hold ourselves to? 

 I'm curious if Steve is not or can not be a humanitarian then just who is a true humanitarian? Who's the prototype for it? And what do you say when you find they did something wrong in their  private life. I simply don't get it. Our people come up from struggle and it's like we line up to strike our people down. It's us it's always us.....I guess I should be happy that folk are saying he's a part of the Illuminati.


Goddess Intellect said...

"I simply don't get it. Our people come up from struggle and it's like we line up to strike our people down"

Me neither....It's sad. In past civilizations you would be beheaded for speaking bad about public figures and now we give you a damn platform, a book deal and some cash for exposing dirty laundry.
Great post...I didnt know ppl were effected by his personal life so much. I wonder if the folks saying this have ever done anything charitable in their life. hmmmmmm

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

good post-- you hit the nail on the head with this '"I simply don't get it. Our people come up from struggle and it's like we line up to strike our people down' I dont get it- it bothers me to the core and its like this is why black folks have no unity - we wanna tear each other down when one does better when we should all be working together to better our people/communites.

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