Monday, December 12, 2011

Nomadness Tribe Meet-Up 12/10/11

Evita surrounded by the men of the her Tribe.
 This past weekend Ms. Evie Robinson, again hosted a gathering of her Nomadness Tribe in the heart of NYC. The gathering of about 40 people from all over the nation was in rare form. Networking abounded, laughs, social convo and more flowed freely and frequently both at the official meeting location and after party. It was a beautiful thing indeed.

The ladies of the Nomadness Travel Tribe

Evie and I share a laugh at the DRUNK OFF HIS ASS Santa that stumbled into the spot.

Took the party to the No Malice Palace


evierobbie said...

loved every moment of it!

Nikks said...

OMG, you're laughing! I've never seen a photo of you laughing or smiling much. Love it. Looks fun.

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