Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's Best, Jeremy Lin!!!!!! PG Match Ups & Info Graphic Journey of Lin

The Momentum continues as Lin leads the Knicks w/ recently acquired JR Smith over the NBA Champion Mavs!!!!

As the Knicks continue to build what looks to be quite a formidable team let's to a look at some of the marquee match ups Lin faces for the reminder of the season.

Here’s a quick look at the top point-guards that Lin will face the rest of this season.

2/20, 4/18 – Deron Williams : The rematch of D-Will vs. Lin should be a fun one to watch, Lin started his reign of LINSANTIY against Williams back on the 4th of Feb. Lin cooked D-Will for 27 and 7.

2/23, 4/15 – Lebron & D-Wade : The HEAT are tearing teams to shreds as of late, and the trap defenses that those two put on ball handlers mirrors Scottie and MJ. Scary. Lets see how Lin handles the MIA pressure.

3/4 Rajon Rondo : Rondo is one of, if not the best PG defenders( Take it easy CP3 heads, we’ll get there). Lin is essentially playing the Rondo role moving forward, he will have the responsibilities of getting STAT, Melo, and now JR involved. Be sure to check the Box Score after this game, should be interesting.

3/9, 3/26, 4/11 Brandon Jennings : These 3 games can be very important to the Knicks playoffs seating, the Knicks have struggled to contain Jennings in the past. BJ went off for his season high(36) during their first meeting back in Jan. Lin should be able to get past Jennings fairly easy, and could go for big numbers against the Bucks.

3/12,4/8,4/10 Derrick Rose : The reigning MVP is the ultimate assignment for Lin. Even with a aching back, Rose is still one of the the toughest tasks for any defender. Don’t expect huge scoring for Lin these nights, but the team involvement that he can bring should be fun or painful watch.

4/25 Chris Paul : The should have been, almost, we all wished for CP3 will visit MSG right before the regular season ends. This game could be utterly pointless or extremely important depending on the Knicks record. Either way, Lin vs. CP3 is the pinnacle of Point-Guard battles. Hopefully “LINSANITY” is still alive and well by then.

Via The Knicks Blog

After the jump we get  graphical view of the journey of LIN

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The Journey of Jeremy Lin
Source: Infographic World


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