Friday, June 29, 2012

She's speaking nothing but TRUTH!!!!

Thoughts? How do we change this?


Miss♥K said...

I don't know where we can begin to change the way these grown ass trifling women are behaving but if we could change them somehow then that would help these young girls coming up to stop trying to emulate all of this madness. I just don't know. I guess like she said in the vid- just start checking one another -now of course the checkers will then come under attack and the behaviors of the checkers will be scrutinized b y those that they were trying to advise/guide and thats where I have an issue- lol by no means am I perfect so I would hope I wouldnt come off as trying to act holier than thou but i also feel like there's no harm in trying to help one another especially as 'sistas' we've gone down this path and really need to get back on track- well cant really even say 'back on track' have we ever been on track as sistas or even as a people? I think not- sad to say but no- we as black people just can't seem to come together the way we should. 8(

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