Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rambling thru the Humidity.......

I think that for many folk they'd much rather look at images then words, thus the popularity of Instagram....I have folk that have literally abandoned regular online communicative options and the only way to even reach them is to wait for a new pic to be posted and catch them in their comment section....what kind of backward ass mess is this??? The homie said "You must be enjoying all the quiet since you got rid of your car." funny ass guy...I'm loving the spot up north. Mos definitely loving it...No apologies for doing what needs to be done....I've spent ample timne doing for others...Please let me have this period to sometimes do me first and foremost....sometimes life experience spawns deep commentary.....many times it's a result of just being stuck inside with nowhere to is far too easy to access now.....double edged sword....Yeah I see you getting bigger and better handle that before that weed & liquor diet catches up to you.....Yes their work cars and rentals I know, no explanation needed.....Recently I've gotten a deep glimpse into why some folk are the way they are. Doesnt excuse todays actions but at least I get it a little more....Smiles, I really like them...I'm not a big smiling guy but on other I like them........."Everyone gets the same treatment"....oh word? Ok then........I wanna make an episode.....yes I do....Missed definitely missed......I really do view poor communication as a show of disrespect its just soooo hard for me to wrap my head around it....answer the phone, check emails, return messages in a timely manner.......dont operate like this is the damn 80's......its just how I what point does expressing happy cross over from sharing you good will to just flat out annoying? Like ok we get it, we all get it, you happy......that was mean........but yeah you know how it is. Speaking of which, I am quite surprised at the ability of lame ass, overly sensitive ass, non progressive boys to catch and hold the attention of some of my really?..........really?.................Realy? You cosigning that? Yeah? Ok.....riiiiiiiiiiiiight. How you telling me you really broke but are able to get Weed EVERY DAMN DAY?!? O_O I have goal/objectives for Caribana......I seek release and pleasure.....Believe it not we dont want someone thats just one of the guys or the IDGAF girl that cant keep private business off the Internets real men still want ladies that keep it in house.......Everyday I remind myself of what I'm capable of, both the good and the bad..........Gabriel Union got D Wade painting his toe nails black...really? As much as I love Hip Hop its given some people waaaaay too much comfort in how they act and address black folk. As I hear stories of experiences around the world it amazes me how we're seen by some. Yet It's hard to blame others for going along with how we're allowed ourselves to be presented to the masses. Think on it, what if your only exposure to black folk was Lil Scrappy on that Love annd Hip Hop show. A big bulky, aggressive, tattoo'd being. It's like we're freaks of nature, sometimes good sometimes bad, but never normal............If the initial things you tell me about your new guy are bad I'm not going to like him,'ll take a lot to change that 1st impression.....And so far that way of thinking hasn't been wrong soooo be careful how you first bring people to my attention.I've come to a point that I just keep quiet and observe. The same thing that happened sending people from blogs to twitter/tumblr/Instagram/Pinterest is happening on FB now. People dont seem to like expression thru writing anymore....words from your own mind and heart get replaced with easily sharable images, memes and graphics recycled about the Internets....Maybe I'm just off but I like know what is in YOUR mind not that you like some "quote" incorrectly credited to Wiz Khalifa.....    I've been told my delivery of truth & reality is a little too harsh.....I used to sugar coat a lot for the sake of making things easy to digest. We're not kids anymore. You ask my thoughts you're going to get a 100% pure injection not chewable fruit flavored tablets.....I can only laugh at it all.....the flip flopping of expectations, twisting of rules, the hypocrisy.......I'm done asking......I'm either demanding or leaving it alone......With all that said I'm about to play a huge part in creating a 2012 mega memory for 2 very important people. It's what I do.


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