Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thoughts the Upcoming Total Recall Remake

You already know......

CraveOnline: I guess the question you probably get asked the most is, “How dare you?” 

 Len Wiseman: How dare I, for sure. I get that all the time, even when it doesn’t relate to this film. [Laughs] There’s always a reaction with anything to do with anything that is a different version of something. I completely understand it. I question things as well, but I don’t personally have as much of a problem as some people [who] get seriously violent about it.

I imagine you don’t, since you made the film. Right? 

I’m used to it. I was into comic books as a kid. I’m used to comic books being reimagined, different takes on some of our beloved superheroes. It’s something that is not met with as much… But that is too, there are some who are very against that.

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