Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The homie Lincoln drops a few words in this new digi mag via Corset Mag. I'm not gonna front I copped this issue to support and I'm ultra pro Skullduggery. Here's a few thoughts off Lincoln's blog on this new issue. I'd check it out.

In May I got to interview the Editor-In-Chief of Corset Magazine (and my homegirl) Arielle Loren, who I refer to as The New Princess Of Sexual-Intellectual Thought. We discussed everything from being an entrepreneur to what constitutes an amazing, squirtastic orgasm. Well, in return Arielle decided to interview me for Corset where she asked me what are the top 3 things men want women to know about how we LOVE to get head - so I decided to tell all. 

Our interview was also about a LOT more than just oral sex, as we also touched on writing bluntly, Relationships and Bullsh*t, and the problem with trying to blog about sex while dating.

-Lincoln Blades


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