Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Sunday Night of Soul & Passion in Toronto

Do you want it?
And if you had it would you flaunt it?
Well its yours...

Bonus points if you know where I pulled that from.

Passion. Not the kind related to sex and romance (although that's cool too), but life's passions. The things you want to do. The achievements you want to have.

Do you know what yours are?  (Hit the Jump for More Info)

It makes me happy when people pursue their passions, and whenever possible, I like to help them. A couple of friends of mine recently became storytellers.

They've formed a documentary production company and will be shooting their first documentary this fall. The focus of the doc is Sufi music. Sufism is the branch of Islam that is a bit more...mystical. The music and dance form a huge part of could almost say that the music is the soul of Sufism. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the people, the music and it's message have come under attack from the Taliban, who wish to suppress the message.

So many images of Pakistan show only one side of a story. Rather than tell the story from the perspective we're so used to seeing in the media, they're going to Pakistan this winter to tell the story of the music. To go on a search for the soul of Sufism. For that, they need some coin.

So this is what we're doing on Sunday October 14...we're going to feed your soul.

Your ticket gets you the following:

MUSIC: The Techno Shaman (aka DJ Pouya) will be spinning all afternoon... if you want to whirl like a dervish, this is the place to be (Google it and you'll see what I did there)

ART: Original works from South Asian artists will be featured in a silent auction and on display at the venue...

FOOD: oh yeah, we'll feed you.

BALANCE: each ticket is redeemable for a class at Eka Yoga Centre. Also, each ticket automatically enters you into a draw for your chance to win a class PLUS a Thai Massage from Eka.


A taste of the music

Eventbrite portal to buy your tix.

See you on Sunday…

p.s. the event is kid friendly. As in real kids...leave your childishness at home!


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