Monday, January 7, 2013

Round 1 to the Celtics

Is it ever going to be different? Blowouts? Never that, the C's come into MSG and get a tough nosed win with all the venom, ill will and testosterone of the classic 90's Knicks team. Not long into the 2nd half KG & Melo got into it in what was already a very physical and chippy game. The Celtics would pull it out by 6 with clutch shooting from Pierce and KG while Melo suffered from a poor shooting. That didnt keep Carmelo from going toe to toe with Boston in other ways......

People swore up and down that the rivalry of the Atlantic division was between NYK and BK. Well Boston has gotten into it with both New York teams to remind them who has dominated the past 5 yrs. It's about to get real good. Round Ny vs Boston in 2 weeks.


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