Monday, February 22, 2010

I know college ball players weren't THIS stupid when I was in school.

Oregon football is turning into an outlaw program right in front of us. But one Ducks senior has had just about enough of you people making a big deal of it. You "white people," he means.

Chip Kelly gave quite the stirring speech at a press conference Friday:

If a player doesn't live up to the standards we have for the football program, then they're not going to be here,'' Kelly said Friday. "But I'm also not going to follow our kids around every Friday or Saturday night so I can see what happened to them.''

Telling, telling words, especially since the school couldn't make it through the night without another arrest. Redshirt sophomore LB Kiki Alonso got pulled over for a DUI.

This morning, senior WR Jamere Holland had something to say to all his Facebook friends (keep in mind that's everyone, because his profile is set to public):

After the above post a student commented that perhaps swearing at your head coaches decision wasn't the smartest move to make. Which took this following status message as a reply.

And the Final Result???

Oregon wide receiver Jamere Holland has been dismissed from the football team for a violation of team rules, according to a release issued Sunday by the UO department of media services.

The specific reason for Holland's dismissal was not detailed.

The UO receiver posted a comment on his Facebook page claiming linebacker Kiko Alonso had been kicked off the team, and questioning the decision.

Alonso was cited early Saturday morning for DUII.

Dave Williford, UO director of media services, said that as of Sunday afternoon, Alonso still was on the team. Holland, however, was not.

Via Deadspin & Oregonlive

Say it with me............FAIL!!!!!!


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