Monday, February 22, 2010

The Internet does it again or We never should have given you computers!

Elijah Fields was a member of the University of Pittsburgh's football team until Wednesday, when he was dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt declined to specify why Fields was kicked off the team, but as Every Day Should Be Saturday notes, the senior posted some unusual photos to Twitter recently. Along with pictures of shoes and shopping bags, there are three shots of obscene amounts of cash, neatly wrapped with rubber bands.

Fields added helpful commentary to two of the images, writing, "More to Come and Its Mine BITCH Burrr" and "Never knew Football was gon get me all this money Sike I Knew haha." Now that he's no longer on a football team, it may be some time before football gets him any more money.

So the urge to stunt online to people you don't even know costs another young man a potentially profitable career.


Goddess Intellect said...

My heart dropped reading lol this time.. Damn!

SinfulLyo said...

smh. i don't know where to begin. i will be posting later in regards to this. fyi, boys are stuuuupid *sticks tongue out and runs*

Frankie said...

what a fucking IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nik said...

I'm with Frankie!

I have a picture on my facebook of some Jamaican dollars, but it's not worth crap. It was just funny because my friend said that's the most amount of money she'll ever hold. Lol. To us it was funny.

This clown...that was showing off and well straight STUPIDITY! WTF!

NightFall914 said...

The ability to blast your life to the masses has people acting a fool.

No sympathy from me.

Frankie said...

uh no. there's a difference.

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