Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Evita wants to take on the world but needs your help!!!!

Please read below as Evita speaks on her next challenge.

Some of you may (or may not know) I applied for an Around the World Internship for this summer. STA Travel has been doing this for the the last two years and this year I have applied. I just found that I made it to the Top 50 finalists, their first round of cuts. I need votes. The link is here


She's also 1 of only 2 black people to make it this far so please give your support to my friend.If you can pass this on to others too it'd be greatly appreciated.


Frankie said...

very cool! done!

Goddess Intellect said...

Likes this..

evierobbie. said...

Thanks Jason for the post.

Frankie and Goddess I truly appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...

consider it done!

NightFall914 said...

Thanks to all y'all for helping out.

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