Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day Thought.........

I've heard many folk reference Mind Sex as being sooo much better then phyiscal initimacy and yet I'm curious what that means to people? What is "Mind Sex" literally? When was the last time you expereinced it? In generalizations but real examples please I'm very interested in this.


DollFace said...

I LOVE this song. As far as "mind sex" its not as complicated as it sounds. But if i gave it some thought i could phrase it better so i'll get back to u on that one. ;-)

Frankie said...

If mind sex is what I think it is, it's REALLY awesome cuz I can do much more mentally than physically. Bend like what? yea, ok.
No awkward moments. No mess to clean up. No protection or diseases/babies from not using that protection. It lasts as long as you want it to. No strings attached. Optional cuddling. yeaaa....mind sex!

no, wait. What if mind sex is just having a brain stimulating conversation?

ok yea, after listening to the 1st 32 seconds of that video, I've realized that mind sex is the that mind stimulating yea, disregard the 1st pafrt of this comment lol

....then again, it some of that applies.

Goddess Intellect said...

To me mind sex is the act of connecting to and penetrating the part of my brain that I use to create- my imagination. I can recycle certain fantasies and images replacing them each time w different folks but that to me is not mind sex..its just a simple day dream and quick way to get aroused.
But I feel like if a man is able to tap into my immagination and get me to produce a new image or new fantasy that is so enticing that I will want to experience in the physical, he has offically fucked my mind....because i will want him to continue & go deeper
I make sense to myself but others who may read this? maybe not so much lol

NightFall914 said...

You'll get back to me huh? Ok we'll see.

@Frankie regarding

You make sense ;)

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