Monday, March 8, 2010

Project BLU 365

Feb. was a crazy month with all the damn snow storms but I stick to the script and take my daily images. I was just being lazy in posting them. So here is the month of Feb in its near entirety.(missed like 2 days handling this weather)

Packed a very to go to A.C,The 1st of 3 winter weather effected trips.

Show something interesting online in my hotel room.

Fitness time on the broadwalk.


Dell Gift Card = New Mini

This wasn't filled with water ;)

What Blizzard?

New Dell Mini on deck.

1 of my Red Velvet Cupcake....sweeeet

Tax Time.....where did my refund go?lol

All my CRUMBS cupcakes......done.

My lil (tall ass) cousin during for playoff game.

Save everything

Couldnt get the last part............but I've done this dozens of times before.

Multi Media......The more tools I get the more I do at one time.

Downloading the full INSANITY workout

Blizzard in the Bronx....hopefully this was winters final punch.


Frankie said...

nice pics!! mmmm cupcakes!
you're so cute in your winter gear lol

and stop lying, we KNOW u were downloading porn!

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