Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keep Playing With Us "Tea Party"

A New York gubernatorial candidate is fighting for his political life after a series of abhorrent e-mails were leaked to the press that featured rabid racism, pornography, bestiality and blatant disrespect to President Obama.
Tea party candidate Carl Paladino immediately went on the offensive to try to deflect the fact that he allegedly authored myriad disgusting e-mails that include depictions of the president and first lady as a pimp and prostitute, and a separate photo of a woman having sex with a horse. Other e-mails sent include African tribesman with a caption that read “Obama Inaugural Rehearsal.”

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The Hiding is becoming harder and harder to do. The ugly thoughts that are not newly formed but deep seeded over generations are being exposed for what they are. This extends from the country to the trailer park to the suburbs, major cities and into the government itself.

Keep playing with us......


Goddess Intellect said...

Exactly..keep it coming punk b*tches!!!

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