Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Always on time!! (Belated B Day Post)

In the midst of my running around I had the pleasure of dropping by the homie Frankie aka the texthibitionist bday party get together in manhattan. Her gang of girl were already a few drinks in but all was good when I came thru. To my surprise the birthday girl actually had a gift for me that she wasn't able to get to me last month. So I was presented with DC COMIC COVERGIRLS which is basically an art book that shows the history of DC COMICS female characters.

It's a 100% nerd item and I loved it. Thanks again Frankie for the gift and ya cool as friends. Anytime a person ends up saying "I'm never drinkinging again" you know it was a good time.

Again thanks for the bithday love it was mega appreciated and a total surprise.


Frankie said...

awwww I'm glad you liked it! I'm shocked you didn't have it already haha

now where's your coochie chocolate?? u ate it didnt you?

I'm sooooo glad you came out. My friends loved you. I don't mind being a little drunk, but yea...I was pretty messed up haha. Thanks for being the sane, logical rock for us!!

Goddess Intellect said...

Aww thats so sweet...and the bday boy looks so happy too hahaha!!!
Happy bday Frankie!!!

Nik said...

That's an awesome gift for a comic nerd who has hump day posts! Perfect.

NightFall914 said...

It was all good. If the love is extended to me I got no issue showing it back. Ya people were mad cool too. And um yeah you = "wasted" :P

Yeah this is very much a perfect "me" gift.

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