Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never far off.......

Good morning,

I haven't really blogged as I used to the past couple days. Some of it is just running around being busy and some of it is just sitting back and watching. My mind has been changing and the way I view things is changing. As I skim my blogroll the blog world is full of "bitch this, Ni**a that, sex this, relationship 101's, celeb scandals, etc,etc...." And after awhile it hits me that none of that stuff is really apart of my life. There's a need to reconnect my blogging with my reality I guess. I've also been enjoying my employment down time but I'm also spending much time looking for new work, as well as working out.(Fitness blog coming later) Back Ms.Nikks was curious where I had been so I had to officially touch down on the BLVD.

I ain't going anywhere. ;)


Frankie said...

your blogs are missed the in the blog world. we need your down to earthedness to balance things out.

Goddess Intellect said...

I am looking forward to your fitness blogs and your introduction to the world of personal training. Yup!
Ms.Nikks is really Queen Bee man she's always on us about our blogging thats why we Love her <3

Goddess Intellect said...

Oh ya the pic is hot. sexy sizzle hot.

Nik said...

Don't ever leave us or we'll find you. *Creepy Isla Fisher voice*

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