Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiara Harris' 30 Fitness Challenge

I'm feeling this 100%. Summer aint that far off.

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So after watching the video I’m sure you get the gist of this challenge. First and foremost its a personal one to you that you get to create, the only thing that is common for anybody who wants to take it is the overall goal which is to create a habit of physical exercise that is a part of your lifestyle. There are infinite numbers of ways to stay active and to add more physical exercise to your life and the key now is to find a variety of different ways to not only incorporate it into your life, but to also enjoy it. When anything you do is enjoyable you don’t mind doing it, you look forward to doing it, you WANT to do it.

Adopting a new mindset is a key component to any major change you want to make in life…first you have to really want to make a change because if you don’t then all you will have is excuses for why you can’t (won’t) do something. The change has to be important to you and you must truly recognize the benefits of the change which gives you even more motivation to do something. Your feelings and how you think play another major role in how quickly, how effective and how you adjust to the changes you make. If you feel like crap about yourself and think you can only feel good about yourself WHEN you make a change, it may motivate you enough to make a change however the effects of that change won’t be beneficial to you until you make peace with and accept the “crappy” version of yourself, which still exists in your mind because you only changed physical aspects of yourself and not mental and emotional aspects.

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Goddess Intellect said...

Tiara is amazing. My exercise is pretty much an effortless part of my routine I'm fortunate to live behind a beautiful national park. I'm really tyna get on the detox and organic food tip tho and maybe even go veggie...thats my summer goal..I'm stalking Tiara's blog to make it happen :)

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