Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wait....Wait........Gloria's back again?...Why????

Gloria Velez Roger That Freestyle/Nicki Minaj Diss.......

OK, when did Ms Video Chick Circa 1999 get the idea she was anything more then tits and ass? I mean I'm no Minaj fan BUT this chick has been going in during interviews on Nicki and it just confused me.In fact WHY IS SHE BEING INTERVIEWED!?!?!?

And I know PERSONALLY about the dirt she's been in NY so I don't know if I'd be smart pulling others cards right now.


Nik said...

Seems as if whenever anyone expresses an opinion that goes against popular belief they are either labelled a "hater" or it's believed they're "going in" on a person.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech and having one's own opinions?

Yes she might be doing that to stir up trouble and controversy, most likely that is exactly what it is, but that's what they all do.

Qu33n Kam... said...

lmao exactly!! I thought it was straight comedy when I first heard of her wanting to rap in the first place like ho have a seat!!! No one is gona buy anything or better yet even illegally download anything you have to offer so please go back to being a prop in a video

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