Monday, June 21, 2010

Boondocks go in on Perry........"PAUSE"

.....and No Homo.Lmao I found this episode hilarious and I'm feeling the direction the season is going in. I honestly dont get all the negativity towards T.Perry personally. I liked the "Why Did I Get Married" movies and "The Family that Preys"....I'm NOT a Madea(however toy spell it) fan but the guy seems pretty positive to me.

And why to all successful Black men that aint rappers or ball players gotta be gay? LMAO!!!! Anyway, hit the jump for the full episode Aaaaaand if you had any doubts about the target of this week's show peep the title image of this post and then the last image after the jump.....catch the subliminal.

Shots Fired!!!!!!!!


Supastarrr said...

my fav episode thus far!

AssertiveWit said...

I think Aaron is just showing us that NO ONE is safe this season. A lot of the Black people who HATE Tyler Perry harbor their hate because they feel he gives credit to our stereotypes others have created for us. They want him to be more well-rounded about what he presents in his movies and not so one dimensional. Personally, I would much rather him make movies that give Black actors an opportunity to be showcased than to still be homeless in his car trying to get on. Can't please all of the people all the time *shrug*

But yeah, I've been entertained by all of the episodes this season...but I was a fan of Boondocks before it was a TV show so nothing he creates could shock me anymore than his comic strip.

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