Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Did I Do That?

Simple Hump Day Question.

Did you ever do something or allow something to be done to you that in the morning you don't back on and was shock, amazing or surprised at????



Nik said...

What the hell did you do lastnight Nightfall?! *SMH*

Hmm, yes yes yes! Je ne regrette rien.

Goddess Intellect said...

I allowed my toes to be sucked...pre-shower thx.

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

Um yeah! Before the incident I'm now thinking of blogging about- it was anal sex- I was shocked the next day that I did that but about a year later came something very unexpected-will have to 'write' about it-

Frankie said...

story of my freakin life....ESPECIALLY if there's liquor involved.

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