Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hip Hop Honors x MissInfo.TV: Master P

Talking to Master P, son Romeo, and Romeo’s artist Valentino during the VH1 Hip Hop Honor: The Dirty South rehearsals yesterday….first thought, hmm, Romeo is not as tall as I expected for a basketball phenom. Also, Master P doesnt age. (and momentarily, before I was briefed: who is this other guy? lol)….But we got to talking about Master P’s upcoming indie film, and you gotta think, if the No Limit heyday was today, this man would probably be putting out hood flicks faster than Drama drops mixtapes. Elsewhere in our conversation, P said that he made mistakes in business but hopefully others learned from them the same way he did.

After the Jump: MissInfo and Gucci Mane......."LEMONADE!!!!"

Via MissInfo


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