Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Time You had to Step It Up?????

The song spoke about "upgrading" men. Interesting thought but I'm really curious in the guys that have forced any of you females to strep it up. The guy that was dead serious about his finances that made you look at ya credit for the first time, the fitness guru that had you counting calories...what was it like not being able to just get by on being cute or having a legit sex game???


DollFace said...

You know I don't comment you TOO often. But I REALLY liked this post. IMO it feels BETTER to have a man thats making you want to be better on a larger scale than to constantly wanna brag about how you "upgraded" him or something. To me it's motivating. Who doesn't want a partner that motivates them to better on ANY level. You've done that for me Mr. Fitness guru. :-p But you get what I mean.

Frankie said...


no details.

Nik said...

I've never been with a man who's responsible for making me a better me. That's just something I draw from within. I don't find it hard to look in the mirror and say "Nicole, wtf are you doing? Get it together!"

I'm often inspired by people around me, just not romantic interests. Probably why I'm single...lol.

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