Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The road to Insanity starts down there.......

Apparently a liquor influenced convo produced this next quote.

"Good Dick will make you do stupid things."

Now first and foremost I was curious if this momentary status message was a direct of the person that posted it or words of another person. With my mind, the identity of the speaker could lead me down an interesting path of thought.

It did though produce this thought. Have I ever made anyone do anything "stupid" as a result of that interactivity. Have I ever made her act out of character due to that.

Have any of you ladies honestly done something(s) stupid as a result of or in pursuit of the "D".


Goddess Intellect said...

Ummm yup...the stupidest thing I did as a result of pee-nus (which @ the time I confused for love *puke*)...was give my bf $400 dollars of my hard earned party promo money to put down on his downpayment for his grandmother's house....ok enough of embarassing myself...on to the next posts

Wizzy Jr. said...

I've seen firsthand the crazy shit that some folks would do for some Dick (some pussy, too). They'll put up with asswhoopin's, gettin' talked to like your MAMA or FATHER did when you was a KID, and just A LOT of other Ronald McFuckery. It's CRAZY. Hopefully, I haven't made no chick act out because of MY dick. If she DID, thank God I never knew about it.

I seriously hope I don't find no pussy so good that it'll make me loose all the sense that God gave me.

Frankie said...

*Trey Songz voice* YUUUPPP!

Qu33n Kam... said...

the best dick I ever had had me wake up in the middle of the night with a midterm that can make or break my grade in the morning walking all the way across a huuuggge campus in the pouring rain with no umbrella,, also this same dick had me driving 2 1/2 hours away at the spur of the moment just so I can get the D and come home in the morning to go to work. lolz so yes good dick does make u do crazy things but I have seen ladies do waaaaaaaayyyyy worse over some dick to where their lives,, well being and sanity was in jeopardy over some good peen lol

Saritha said...

I have ran into some good dick and so far to stupidity on my least not yet..

One close call...some PYT disrespected me in a great way..had me not knowing what to do.. I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh and say yes, cry cuz I was so happy..or clean the house he just moved into..

Nik said...

@ Goddess lmao, you're crazy. We live and we learn huh?

I've never done anything crazy in pursuit of the dick. I dunno if it's due to my common sense or that I've never had dick that good. Who knows?

I've seen a role reversal of sorts though, I've seen dudes risk a lot in pursuit of the gold lined chocha, yup!

NightFall914 said...

Interesting stories.. :)

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