Thursday, September 23, 2010

Really? You couldn't handle that over the phone?!?!?!

I just saw the illest thing on FB.Men PLEASE have enough pride & sense to be aware whats being said about you online and if ya relationship ain't gonna work out at least break up OFFLINE and don't become a cyber punchline. These guys looking ridiculous out here.....


Frankie said...

u gonna finish this blog entry or.....?

NightFall914 said... names. I'm just saying regardless of how online you like to be, when I log on to FB and see someone change they status, tagged the name of the ex in the status message and that ex comments immediately apologizing.....I'm seeing too much. NO, posting too much.

Frankie said...

ohhhhhhh now I get it! I didn't understand the situation at first. SMH I'm slow

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