Friday, October 1, 2010

I Miss You ......Too Much?

(throwback image..if you remember it then your so cool)

Was just having a reflective moment from an old thought came to me. If you miss someone you miss them. I
remember in the past that I'd been told that "You don't have to tell me miss all the time" or "I know you miss me" that led to a convo between the guys that never resulted in a solid answer. Can you miss a person too much? Can you express that too much? And if you can express it too much then can blame a person if their willingness to express themselves falls back after being told such???


bellzie said...

"...I miss you
I'm talking to you baby, I miss you..."

I love that song!
I know I've had the hardest time telling someone I missed them - suppose I didn't like showing how I felt esp if I'm told something like "but you see me all the time" or "no you don't".. etc

I don't think you can miss someone too much... but I've seen some people not like hearing it so often. Overwhelming? I dunno.. but if I'm told I express it too much, I def will fall back

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