Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We playing games now? Ok, Follow the leader.....

So from Sunday evening on their has been this thing that has over taken Facebook. This Q & A "game" that tells you to ask a person a question in private and they answer it, giving no names in their public statuses. Why? No reason at all just something else to do to draw attention to ones self. So what things did I witness in these oddly publicized Q & A session?

Most of the females that took part were hit p about hooking up, going out, having sex, etc,etc...Big surprise huh. Let's dig deeper. I few expressed "shock" at the tone of questions they were asked. Some played into the attention openly crushing dreams of future Humpington. Others so "conveniently" were presented with questions that allowed them to rant about their issues with the male gender.

I'll keep it funky. Some folk were just asking questions of themselves to drop indirects and subliminal messages under the guise of "I'm just answering questions." I see what y'all are doing. I guess I wouldn't have had an issue if the questioning wasn't so typicial, crass and uncreative. This was merely "Tell me indirect or directly how much you  want to do me" day so I can post it to the massive.

The only that makes the rampant attention whorism worth it is when a persons friend unexpectedly calls them out on way they've been whining all day in these "answers" and they in turn get caught off guard and extra testy. Yes we see the b.s.

As I said before on FB, if the issue was really questions they have www.formspring.com for that.


Frankie said...

I'm an attention and an open book and even I was side eyeing this Q&A bs! It was sooooo disgraceful and nauseating! A LOT of people were indeed asking themselves these questions to spark jealous, draw attention to themselves and subliminally vent. It was disgusting. I had to hide the statuses of THIRTY ONE people! That's ridiculous! Some questions are best answered in private and some questions don't even deserve answers.

From one of my pregnant friends on Facebook: Q:when r we gonna spark a L... A: AS SOON AS I HAVE THIS BBY!


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