Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Digitally Dead?.....Brain Dead Perhaps for this Ego Driven Stunt.

 Today begins the campaign I mentioned previously and the more I see of it the worst the concept seems to me. Raising me for AIDS awareness is great but some needed to sit and think harder about the execution of this endeavor. The rich and famous give us a mock death or a digital death complete with imagery and video to make the position that they will not return to social networking sites until the desired sum of money is donated. Superb Cause....Stupid Concept. So basically we get a taste of things how they were pre Facebook and Twitter when a person every move wasn't "news" And to get these celebs back the A list celebs are banking on just how much the average person craves the insight into their personal lives, so much so that we'll pay for it? Superb Cause....Stupid Concept. It'd be interesting if folk didn't donate the money just to see if these stars did truthfully stay silent.

Hit the Jump for the video and full Imagery behind this campaign.


evierobbie said...

From a business sense. Many of these people may be contractually obligated to stay on social media because of promotion of their own shows...Kim Kardashian.

Nik said...

Ahh the askew priorities of Americans. They worship and make famous people like Kim Kardashian, famous for a sex-tape. That's why these people feel they're more important than they really are. Because they're worshipped more than God. It's ridiculous.

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