Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing with Numbers Via Facebook

So in the 48-72 hours that the random # Question game hit FB. I was unphased for the 1st 2 days then got 2 Inbox hits in the afternoon yesterday. Seeing who they were from It was cute cuz they had clearly seen me communicating about the game with others. The major of that communication was "why are folk so mad?". It became an interesting study for me in terms of how people view the internets socially and that there seems to be this personal elitist viewpoint that what ever "I" post is totally acceptable but others are stupid and immature. Now don't get me wrong there was a similar game that happened maybe a month ago and at first I had the same reaction but them it hit that getting upset about it made no logical sense.

In the end you cant deal in social b.s and fucCery 24/7 and then raise up to look down on another type of fooliness. You have to call it all the same. Are these # games any more a cry for "Attention" then publicly speaking on your private sex life? Ranting about side chicks and hoes all day? Over critiquing the fashion "flaws" of celebs you don't even know? Preaching some high and matter lesson on being mature and grown while you don't really live that life in the real offline world? Interesting thoughts indeed.

#143 (Only one that was FB posted)
It's amazin' how much time it's been when I stop and think about all.
You're a bag of mixed emotions. Ranging from Pride and Admiration to Frustration and Confusion. As someone that doesn't get bothered easily, you've been able to push the buttons a few times.

You have an interesting way of going about things and it's only been recently that I've realized you just have your own way of doing things. In spite of sometimes wondering why I only seem to be around to fix problems vs just enjoying time ...with friend I'd be lying if I said wouldn't still ride for you and make sure you're good. There will always be love over here.And regardless of anything, you handle the most important thing, Taking care of the lil one so I know your focus and heart are right.


You may be one of the most connected people I know and honestly I still have no idea what it is you really do. You could pop up and be like "I just bought a crib in Miami I'll see you later" and I wouldn't question it. Your tough girl exterior is cute although It's better when it's dropped. The Southpaw thing 2 weeks ago had me TIGHT but I got over it quickly. Your schedule is something else but I know it's cuz you grinding. Keep making moves and maybe we'll cross paths when you're not bein sought after by your rapper friends. :) Boss!!!
So much for that....


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