Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Day Another Non-Issue Becomes Black Online Topic: Superbowl Pepsi Spot

......here we go again. This is what the big deal is about? You know what I'm sure Pepsi knew EXACTLY what they were doing and I'm not mad at it. I laughed when I watched this the 1st time ad I laugh now. I spoke in a post last month about the media's portrayal of Black women, so my stance is recorded but this isn't that serious. It was a light hearted commercial with a ending that was intended, and succeeded in pushing buttons.

Here's why I don't join in with the over sensitive crowd. Because most of the people making the most noise are HYPOCRITES. Folk love to engage in B.S, FucCery and Nonsense 24/7 but the minute other people use the same material we throw around then it's a problem. As I sit back and browse the Internets we have Black folk that have made their online reps off of insulting, clowning and disrespecting others. They take cell phone pix of people without their permission and post them online to laugh at them, wannabe comedians move in waves to regularly bash people for hours a day. And the venom many ladies spit at their own sisters is without limit. But when someone else does it now its an issue of respect? Now the media is picking on us? Don't let me hop up in a few peoples TwitPic & Plixi albums, link a few blogs and start pulling proof.

Until we stop with the hypocrisy of sensitivity I'm not going to get fired up off of mere entertainment.

I stopped drinking soda a while ago except for when I have alcohol. Please believe I'll have no issue with using Pepsi w/ my Bacardi. ;)


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