Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memories of Hustle Moves,Women & Free Rides....

With my current state of limited mobility. I find myself in a situation where I must locally entertain myself. New Rochelle has always been a great place to live but you had to be able to get out of town for any type of serious pleasure. We haven't had a shopping mall since the early 90's. There was an extended period during my youth when we can no movies. You had to either go to The Galleria, Cross County, Bay Plaza or Fordham Rd do anything. Pictured above is New Roc City. It's the local entertainment center that has movies, an arcade and few restaurants. The kids stake it over on weekends and all summer.....I'll find my moments to dip in a kill some time. Maybe I'm see if the old games I used to master are still in there.

When New Roc1st opened up it was just the arcade. I worked there because  my old boss from Playland (yes I worked at Playland too) was the hiring manager. This resulted in a nice reunion of old faces. Within the first couple months here I got comfy and strong armed my way into a supervisors position. Basically if I was gonna be given supervisor duties I promoted and refused to back down till my pay went up.

More after the Jumpington.........

At this time I was really in transition as a person. This was 2001 I believe. I was had started to get comfy with dealing with females but it was still a work in progress. My promotion work was just starting so my hustle mind was evolving as well. So here I am, I've gotten a few close friends into the job and I'm thinking how do you flip this into some nice side $$$$? Low and behold it strikes me. The place ran not on standard currency but on a credit and points card system. It pretty common now but was so "hi tech" back then. As supervisor part of my time was stationed at the card charge machine that could put up to $100 and unlimited points on cards. I didnt work the cash register but if a card malfunctioned I'd replace. Lets just say once I had the system figured out I had my own cards "floating" around in the hands of a few people. Move em out, and we break bread.

In addition to the hustle, I learned that no matter what happens in life, entertainment is a constant. People in this nation will ALWAYS pay to be entertained. So if you can plug yourself into a form of entertainment you will always be good. I won't front, as my comfort level with women was slowly growing, it was A LOT easier approaching someone cute or striking up a convo knowing I've got $500 worth of cards in my pocket. "Oh you trying to play a few games? Hold this, and I'll check you later." LOL, it sounds lame now but hey it was what it was. That translated to the free movie access I had working at the movies, the club access that came from street promotion, etc,etc.....

I've always walked the fine line of hustling cuz I NEVER felt sorry as a kid for corporation. I mind frame was "You'll never miss it" Funny that now I work in Human Resources and I"m all about the proper way to do things. I guess my old hustle ways make me perfect to know what to look for. All due to my days at New Roc......maybe I'll go there tomorrow to see Xmen. lol


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