Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nightfall @ ECBACC 2011 in Philly

Got great feedback from Andre Batts of Urbanstylecomics

Had the pleasure of dipping out for the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. It wasn't some huge gathering but the info I received was very valuable towards the upcoming steps of the Omega Nexus. People close to me know that I'm frustrated at the delays to this project. I feel like a chained up wolf and I've BEEN ready to attack the public. False starts and various moments of "we've made it" have added to my current mind frame, but the ECBACC helped remind me of why this project has weathered the test of time and WILL succeed. Omega Nexus all day 24/7/365. I'm giving up never!!!!!!

A display of classic black comics and characters.

Various work from urbanstylescomics

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