Sunday, June 26, 2011

Should a woman go on a first date with a person using coupons? Would'nt that be a sign of him saying he's trying to get the best out of her for as little as possible.

I think we men and women have been brought up on so much nonsense regarding man/woman interaction that we miss common sense application. In this situation the financial is being linked into the enjoy of her and that's not necessarily the case. 1) Finances are tight across the country so cutting costs on anything via a coupon I see as efficiency 2) Many times its about what u do and not how you do it. If you're going out to eat you can use a coupon/deal w/o it being known to her.

My question is this? So what if she does see it. If we have a great time for $50 vs spending $80 what is the difference. If enjoyment measured by our interaction or my wallet?

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