Monday, July 25, 2011

Guardian Viewpoint.......

What’s more painful, being hit or watching someone close to you get hit? Being abused or being helpless to extract a friend from a cycle of abuse. The other side of the Guardian role is that everyone want to be protected. Many aren’t even aware of the threat that is so close. That abyss you stare into too long engulfs you and you can’t tell pleasure from pain properly. You pass a point a perspective that the hope of the a moments happiness in the now makes to forget all the ills done to you consistently in the past. This is painful to witness. We are so fragile and emotionally vulnerable. Love shouldn’t be a part time gig. No one should have to grown accustomed to emotional abuse…….yet and still we are all adults’ right? We choose who and what we want to be. Victor or Victim, chose your path and stand firm.


Nikks said...

Love definitely should not be a part time gig. I've had friends confide in me about domestic violence, I don't offer advise. I listen and if asked what I'd do, I ask them what they want to do.

Those same friends turn around the next day and are back in love, then they feel embarrassed that they confided in me. Can't save people who don't want to be saved or helped.

Like you said, we choose our paths and we need to stand firm.

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