Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Dad Get's Down

If you don't know this is a Machete. It does damage and has been around for most of my life. This is my dad's blade. It has had a home by my parents bed since they arrived in America. It wasn't until recently that it was asked how did Dad get it here? Was it from Antigua or did he get it here? I had never in life thought to ask about it. It was just always there. Clearly with the current security issues on flights you couldn't just declare that you had that with you but in the early 80's things must have been different.

After asking dad about it turns out it was a novelty security purchase from my 1st trip to Antigua....I barely remember that trip but anyway that means got about 25 yrs on it. It's chopped branches which I'd watch my dad do at our older home and I guess I gave a sense of security to him although I doubt anything when I was a younger forced him to use it.......I don't think....

With that said I will have at the very least a blade of some type in my home......


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