Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RZA x Kanye x Watch The Throne Studio Session

Rza involvement in this makes me much more interested in this project then I originally was.

RZA x Kanye x Watch The Throne
“I’m really honored to be a part of the project. These two are obviously very capable in their own right, so to include me in this classic project is a testament of how much respect we share for one another. Kanye asked me to send tracks while they were in Australia, I just thought I would send some shit that would be rugged. I know they can find the poppy, hip-hop places, but I wanted to send them some real edgy shit. Apparently they thought they were great – Kanye said, ‘Send some more of that Wu shit!’” - RZA


max said...

I'm with you. Knowing that RZA is touching this makes it SO much more exciting and interesting for me.

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