Sunday, November 13, 2011

Social Internets + Excessive Talkers = New Age Female Sport Fans & Male Gossip Lovers

This is more of an observation and I know it doesn't apply across the board. With that said I feel like people by nature can't help but wave the "Look at Me" flag. As kids we wanted parental attention and approval and as we've all grown the target changes and expands but the message is the same. We want our expressions heard beyond those immediately near us. What that results in are areas that seemed to be more exclusive to one respective sex now being more the extreme in some cases. 

There are new voices being heard across the digital waves that hasn't always been there. Deep, booming voices expressing glee at the latest Real House Wives fight now populate the Internets via FB status updates and Twitter. It's comparable to bar room guys gatherings to discuss Days of our Lives. Interestingly enough the female side is even louder as the fairer sex engulfs social feeds with Fanatical sports ranking that rivals the most excitable college fan. It's almost as if each side is trying to out do the other in showing their newly realized appreciation of sports and reality TV.

It seems a bit much at times and yes I've muted females I know and/or follow and out right deleted some guys for suspect ass communications. I dont know. Clearly there is no role that either sex HAS to play but I guess personally I like my sports noise a lil more guy dominated and my gossip related "entertainment" handle by my ladies.

Oh well......


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